Thursday, June 3, 2010

Proper Care

One of the worries of parents new to cloth diapering is how to properly care for their cloth diapers. While most brands will have their own, specific washing instructions, there are some basic steps that most brands follow. To ensure the life of your diapers, (and so you don't void any warranties you might have) you should follow the washing instructions for whatever brand(s) you are using. If you are using generics or a brand without specific washing instructions though, there are some basic steps that can be followed. (I found many sites online that have very similar washing instructions.)

  • Wash diapers, liners, wet bag, covers, etc. in cold water with no detergent. You can use baking soda or vinegar to help with stains and smell if you want. (Sometimes liners and soakers, especially microfiber, can hold onto odor after a lot of use.)
  • Wash in hot water with detergent.
  • Do an extra rinse on cold. You might want to do two if you baby has a problem with rashes or irritation due to detergent.
  • Dry in dryer if you like, though many parents recommend line drying if that is a possible option. Line drying helps to extend the life of your diapers and PUL (which the heat of a dryer can break down more quickly than line drying), but the sun is an amazing tool to help get rid of any stains. Liners and inserts can be dried in a dryer every time if you wish. Plastic covers should not be. 
Again, always follow the instructions on your diapers if possible in order to ensure the life of your cloth diapers.

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