Friday, July 30, 2010

God Bless My Hubby

I have heard from other cloth diapering mamas that one of the hardest things for them is getting their husbands on board the fluff wagon. I even know of some women who have wanted to go cloth but didn't because they were unable to convince their hubbys to go with it. When I first decided that I wanted to go cloth, this was a worry of mine too. After all, it's hard enough to get them to change a diaper they can just toss sometimes. How would he react to changing a diaper with a little extra 'work" involved?

God bless my hubby, he has jumped into it 100%! All I had to tell him was that it was something I wanted to do and would save us money and he was in board. Not only was he on board with the cloth diapering, but he was happy to learn how they worked too, including the dumping, spraying, and cleaning! I was really proud of how open minded he was about the change. Even as receptive as he has been, I didn't expect what he did for me this week.

In our home, because I am the stay at home, I am the one who does the majority of the cleaning and laundry, which includes our son's diaper fluff. I've explained to hubby how they are washed, hung, brought inside and put back together, but he's never had to do it. It's just my thing, and to tell the truth, I enjoy it. I like doing laundry! (There's that's my outlandish confession of the week.)

I had thrown in a load of fluff the other day and, in doing one thing and another, I got distracted and forgot about them. I didn't remember them all afternoon. I didn't remember them when hubby came home. I didn't remember them again until my husband came in from walking the dog that evening and announced with no little amount of pride "I hung up the diapers!!!" I looked outside and by George, our colorful collection of freshly cleaned fluff was blowing in the wind. 

Even better, after tucking the Bubba into bed for the night, he went outside and came back with a basket full of our clean, dry, diapers! It was so nice to have his help, not that he doesn't (because he does a lot), but especially with the cloth diapers. It is just another way of him showing me that he is on board with this 100%!

I just had to brag. 
Thanks for reading, and happy diapering!


  1. question? im thinking about using cloth for baby # 2 and - do they HAVE to hang dry? because that is just not an option in our house unfortunately...

  2. this is definitely brag worthy. My hubby will change them but he leaves them on the bathroom counter for me to clean...oh well potty training soon.
    @Jessica, no you can use the dryer just don't use any softner.

  3. See, I would have thought that hubby would leave them on the counter, but he's been great about it.

    And Jessica, no you don't have to. We probably won't in the winter. Drying in the sun can help with stains, odor, and to help extend the life of your diapers and that's why I am doing it for now.

  4. I was thinking about cloth for both my girls but I just thought it was too much work. And it probably is, but also money saving!!

    Following you (late) from Friendly Friday! Hope you can stop by and follow us as well!

  5. I would absolutely LOVE to cloth diaper. Since I am the one working and my DH is the SAHD for now, my cloth diaper vote gets tossed out the window....Hopefully with our next one we will CD!

    Visiting you from Meetup Monday!