Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh My Goodness, We're Back Again

I know I've been missing for awhile, but there has been a lot going on int he word outside of Blogger-Land. I desperately miss blogging though, so plan to pick it up again as much as possible.

Aside from all the other stuff that has been happening, my son's potty learning has been going wonderfully! We never have potty accidents anymore! Once we learned that he preferred to pee standing up we had it! It was our Golden Ticket moment! We are not as successful at going poo in the potty yet, but that is not to say we're not trying REALLY HARD! He's only in diapers now for nap and night times and if we are going on a longer day trip where frequent stops at a potty aren't an option. I am optimistic that we'll be 100% out of diapers (except possibly nap and bed times) by the end of the Summer at the rate he is going.

This is good news for me, since at the end of the Summer I'll be starting all over again with our second child, who I plan on cloth diapering full time from day one. Yes, that is right, hubby and I are expecting again, and are very excited about the prospect! (I am also excited to have an excuse to expand my fluff inventory, which is very small since I didn't start CDing with my son until he was one.) 
With my son we tried out a couple of styles, but ended up with many AI2, one size diapers because that is what was easiest and I liked best at the time. This time around I plan on trying a few more options to see what is the best fit with little fluff bottom number 2. I have been looking very seriously at some popular pre-folds over at Green Mountain Diapers, and then tightening them up with some cute covers like Thirsties, though I have to do some more research on them before I order any. I have also looked at options like Kissaluvs Hybrid One Size Contour Diapers, which require your own closure system (like Snappi) or covers, but have the benefit of fitting a baby from 7-35lbs. 

We shall see. Like I said, I plan on getting a couple of several different types and then deciding what works best for us and our babies. Hubby is being wonderfully supportive and saying that he'll use whatever I get until it proves to be problematic, which is only how long I would use them anyways. I will, of course, be sure to let you all know what I think about the different brands and types we try out! I'm looking forward to having a little one in cloth again!

Happy Diapering!

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