Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have I Mentioned... much I love cloth diapering! I think I have become addicted. The only stumbling block in my road is that we are still building up our collection, so we aren't CDing 100% of the time yet. We got another diaper in the mail today! Yay! It's a very pretty dark green, and I love it! We have 3 more that should arrive this week too, though I still need more.

I have entered several giveaways. Haven't won anything yet, but I'm going to keep trying. Building up our collection seems like a very slow process though. I certainly wished we had started sooner. At least I will know what to expect with our future children.

I have seen several blogs where companies give the family a cloth diaper to review and then one to giveaway. I would be so interested in doing something like that on this blog! Not only would it give me an amazing opportunity to expand my cloth diaper collection, but I would also be able to share some great products with my fellow cloth diapering mommies. (And Daddies. We are an equal opportunity blog here!) The problem is, I have no idea how to get involved in anything like that. Do I just start randomly calling companies up to ask them if they'd like to be a part of a giveaway? Do I keep writing and hope that this blog gets popular enough for them to come to me? I am stumped. 

If you have any idea, advice would be much appreciated. :0) I am really looking forward to expanding this blog and bringing the "Word Of Cloth Diapers" to the masses. :0) I certainly wish we'd jumped on the bandwagon long before now.

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