Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Fluffy Fourth

I certainly hope that everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! I know that we did.

I started off this weekend by getting my son some of his first name brand diapers...Fuzzi Bunz! I got both the Sure Fits and One Size to try out before I order more. I will end up doing a review to talk about them later. I could easily fill an entire blog talking about them, and I want to give them my full attention. All I'll say here is that they are so soft I wish that my undies were made out of that stuff!

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Now that I am done updating...

We cloth diapered all day on the 4th, even during the bar-b-q that the children spent mostly in the splash pool and sprinklers! He used his Fuzzi Bunz one size as a swim diaper, and it worked wonderfully. After all, swim diapers are used to keep waste from leaking out. They aren't supposed to absorb and they aren't supposed to keep your child dry. They keep all the ickies from coming out, and cloth diapers do that just as well as disposable swim diapers. I was very happy with how they worked out.

In keeping with the patriotic theme, I had him wear his red and blue diapers for as much of the day as possible! We have a traveling wet bag now, and I love it! Even though we had to travel over an hour for fireworks, I had no fear cloth diapering him for the trip or while we spent hours camped out at the park waiting for dusk. There was no leaking, no smell, no diaper rash! I have no idea why we haven't been doing this longer.

Making it even better, I can see signs that he is noticing when he is wet. Unlike sposies, which are designed to limit the feeling of wetness on your baby's skin (dry does not mean clean by the way...your baby is still sitting in pee) cloth diapers better enable them to feel the dampness. That is not to say that your child is soaked when in cloth diapers. The diapers still absorb the wetness away from your baby as much as a sposie will, but they can feel it better, which aids in potty training. Cloth diapered babies potty train on average 6+ months earlier than disposable diapered babies! Now my son is trying to take them off when he goes potty and will come up and tell me or my husband when he needs to be changed. It is a very promising step on our road to the potty, and he's already shown much interest in using his big boy potty!

Best of all, at least in my mind, my husband has jumped into this cloth diapering adventure full force. He changes him, dumps the waste, and even comments on how easy it is. Cloth diapering wouldn't be as easy without his support, and I am glad for it. I wasn't sure that I wouldn't get resistance from him. I have certainly got it from others who thank that I am crazy to switch to cloth. I love it though, and have no reason to go back. Once we've built up our stash, I won't have any need to use sposies at all. 

I love fluff! Why didn't anyone tell me about this before?

I have no started researching EC as well, though I don' t think it is something we would do full time. I remember when my son was a newborn hearing about EC and thinking that those parents were crazy! I'd never do that! Well, give me a fork and a knife, because I think I might have to eat my words. My husband actually started asking about it, forcing me to start researching it more. Now, while I'm sure we won't be doing it 100% of the time, I think it will be a new adventure we'll start on soon, especially since it is Summer and the perfect time for it! I am sure, at that time, I'll have many more, probably hilarious, stories to share with you!

Thanks and happy diapering!


  1. Just wait until you try wool... it just makes it worse!

  2. Very nice blog...

    I think it is easy to get addicted to cloth diapers, they are so darn cute and have so much potential.

    I look forward to the faster potty training as well.

  3. Sadly, I can't try wool. I am HIGHLY allergic, so I wouldn't be able to change my baby...or touch him! lol! I've thought about it, but I just can't see how it would work.