Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nap Time Update

Despite a longer-than-usual nap today, (almost 3 and a half hours!!!) I am happy to report that we had no leaking at all!!! I am thrilled that he didn't leak, and I didn't even have to use extra inserts!!! 

My next goal will be to cloth diaper over night, though that will  have to wait until our new diapers come in. Right now I don't even have enough to get through a whole day most days, much less over night. As I said though, I am hoping that we will get some more this week and be able to start CDing 100% of the time!!!


  1. Good luck!! I saw you say you'd started this, and I'm soo glad it's going well for you! I feel cloth diapering is one of our great "parenting successes" haha :)

  2. Hii! I am late from FF... I would looove a follow back ;)
    soo glad I found your blog! I love it! I am a cloth diapering mama too! Come by and grab my button if you like! I grabbed yours! And stop back soon I will have up a snap ez review and giveaway and lots more fluff giveaways to come!!